Grocery Delivery in Halifax a Big Need?

Grocery Delivery in Halifax a Big Need?

Do we need a Halifax Grocery Delivery service?

Need? Maybe not, but only in the same way we don’t need cars. Having a car isn’t necessary, and neither is having a Halifax Grocery Delivery Service, but they both make life extremely less difficult for many people! And that makes it worth existing!

A few reasons why you will agree:

1. Getting groceries is a struggle for many families

While everybody seems to be getting by, many seniors and disabled persons are still struggling to simply get groceries; it honestly is a challenging task for many. Some fortunate ones have relatives helping them, some venture out and take the Metro transit, and some may even drive a vehicle still. The reality is that for a large number of people in Halifax Regional Municipality, the struggle is real. The commute for groceries is just plain hectic. We want to offer the Elderly, the disabled, and their families the chance to relax a little more and focus on other aspects of their lives, while we take care of the chore of shopping and delivering the groceries. Even if you are not disabled, getting groceries can be a challenge. For a single parent or a busy family, getting groceries can be just as hard as it would be for seniors or disabled persons. Our goal is to make life easier for everybody.

2. Halifax Grocery Stores that offered delivery have shut down

There were so many people relying on the 2 grocery stores that offered delivery services in Halifax. In late 2014 they closed their doors for good. This left the people who were dependent on them, in a scary predicament. See the article HERE for more details on that situation.

3. Hardly anyone knows this service exists

We have done our market research and we can count on one hand the number of companies claiming to offer this service. We looked into each company, only to realize that this was basically an untapped market. We polled our target market and most of them never heard of such a service but everyone thought it was a brilliant idea. They all felt the need to share with their circles. This was a good sign.


A Halifax Grocery Delivery Service is a very beneficial thing for our community. We have done the proper market research and have prepared ourselves for what comes next. Our goal now is to make our service known in the region so that we can make people’s lives easier, especially the ones who are struggling more than the rest. We have solid, high level customer service, and we are equipped with kind and reliable delivery drivers. We are uniformed and ready to go! We may not be needed for survival, but we will make life a lot simpler for many, and that we are happy to do.

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