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Grocery Delivery – About Us

I Always Deliver – A Professional Grocery Delivery Service that makes life easier for those who struggle to get groceries on their own.  We are happy to come to the rescue for families and individuals in need of our assistance and we strive to make the process SIMPLE for everyone.

How does it work? Simply, get in touch with us and provide your grocery list by reading it to us over the Phone, sending your list via Email, Facebook message, or whatever is most convenient for you. Basically, you tell us where to shop and what to shop for and we will go get it for you. We are confident we can make your Grocery Delivery a pleasant experience.

We accept multiple methods of payment


Do your Shopping for you
Deliver your Groceries TO YOU
Put them away if you want
Take orders by phone, email, and more
Do NOT markup grocery prices
Accept multiple methods of payment
Bring you peace of mind
Save you time and money
Minimize stress, anxiety, and worry
Care about your situation and want to help
Have generous affordable, easy to understand pricing plans including our $30 stand alone grocery run
Have a sponsorship program
Give referral Bonuses

Delivery Options

Monthly Plan



$70 Annual Savings

  • 2 deliveries for the month
  • $5 for additional stops
  • $5 extra for orders over $200

Yearly Option



$140 Annual Savings

  • 2 Grocery deliveries per month for 12 months
  • $5 per extra stop
  • $5 on orders over $200

Custom Plan


We offer personalized plans that suit your unique needs. Connect with us and we will figure out a plan that works best for you!

Sponsorship Program

Want to help an elderly person who struggles financially, to get their groceries?

There are many people in Nova Scotia struggling to get groceries. Many seniors and disabled persons are on a fixed income and have trouble affording groceries & delivery. That’s why we have decided to create a new sponsorship program. Click the button below to learn more

Contact Us

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